UNCTAD will celebrate its 60th anniversary with a Global Leaders Forum. It represents a seminal moment, an opportunity to reflect on the lessons learned over the past six decades and forge a new path forward.

The theme, ‘Charting a new development course in a changing world’, is a call to action to reimagine development in the age of polyglobalization. As we adapt to changing times, the theme provides a framework for building a future that is resilient, equitable and sustainable.

The Forum will bring together lead­ers from across the globe, represent­ing a spectrum of nations and interests, all converging with a common purpose: to redefine the course of development in a world where prosperity for all remains central and fundamental.

It will be opened by the UN Secretary-General and will feature a two-day programme with high-level participation from heads of state, heads of institutions and leading economists and experts who will engage in debates on innovative approaches to addressing sustainable development challenges and enhanc­ing UNCTAD’s role and impact.

In exploring new strategies for devel­opment, the Forum will focus on UNCTAD’s integrated treatment of trade and development, and the interrelated issues of finance, technology, investment and sustainable development. It will specifically address the needs of developing countries, particularly the least developed countries, small island developing states and landlocked developing countries.