This webinar, organised by the Asser Institute, will examine and analyse the basics of temporary protection, with a specific focus on the Temporary Protection Regulation in Türkiye. Can this status created to meet the needs of Syrians temporarily, keep meeting their needs after ten years and are there alternative solutions?

2024 is the tenth year of the entry into force of the Temporary Protection Regulation in Türkiye. It governs the status and rights of more than 3.2 million people who fled the conflict in Syria after April 2011. Modelled after the EU’s Temporary Protection Directive, the Regulation creates a legal regime that grants its beneficiaries protection against forcible return to Syria as well as access to certain fundamental rights, such as access to healthcare, education, social assistance as well as access to the labour market. This status has been designed to apply in cases of mass influx of people where individual status determination is not practicable. While the maximum time envisaged for temporary protection under the EU’s Directive is 3 years, some of the Syrians who have been granted this right will have been residing in Türkiye for more than ten years. This is a substantial period of time that necessitates examining and questioning the basics of temporary protection.