Roundtable: Law and Popular Culture

Maastricht University has organised a Roundtable. The Roundtable will bring together multiple approaches to the place of law in popular culture. Further, it will show the manner in which popular culture affects law and the understanding by actors in society.

Previous experiences at UM include a MaRBLe Project directed by Jan Smits, having gathered papers by students on alternative perceptions of justice. The Roundtable aims to trigger further interest on this area of study, alerting on the value that non-conventional approaches to law offer to the better understanding of social sciences.

Speakers and subjects:

  • Neofytos Sakellaridis Mangouras: ‘Tupac for Two-Pack: Popular Culture as a means for Engagement in Legal Education’; 
  • Karolina Podstawa: ‘On the Movies that Make and Destroy the European Union Dream’; 
  • John Cotter: ‘‘To live outside the law you must be honest’: The Evil of the Law in the Songs of Bob Dylan’; 
  • Antonia Waltermann: ‘Westworld, Detroit: Become Human and Dennett’s Intentional Systems’; 
  • Felipe Oliveira de Sousa: ‘The Law’s Tragedy and the Death of a Philosopher: Reflections on Socrates in the Crito’; 
  • Agustín Parise: ‘John H. Wigmore (1863-1943) and Ignacio Winisky (1910-1988): Drawing Pan-American Parallels on the Origins of the Law and Literature Movement’.


18 april 2019 vanaf 09:00 tot 13:30


Maastricht University, Room number C0.311B, Faculty of Law
Bouillonstraat 1-3





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