On June 25 and 26, 2020, the International Conference ‘Legal argumentation: reasoned dissensus and common ground’ will take place. A central aim of argumentation in legal discussions is a rational and reasonable solution of legal disagreements. To reach results that are acceptable in light of the Rule of Law, one of the characteristics of legal discussions is that certain institutional constraints and procedures are required. The acceptability of legal decision making depends on the procedures of reasoned dissensus.

The aim of this conference is to draw together scholars from a variety of disciplines that are working in the field of legal argumentation, and to inquire into central themes concerning legal disagreements and the role of procedures and discussion rules to reach rational solutions, in the absence of consensus, through procedures of reasoned dissensus.

Keynote speakers:

  • Amalia Amaya (National Autonomous University of Mexico, Institute for Philosophical Research); 
  • Christian Dahlman (Lund University, Department of Law);
  • Paul van den Hoven (Utrecht University, Utrecht Institute of Linguistics; Xiamen School of Journalism and Communication, Xiamen).