This lecture series organised by Maastricht University, provides a set of important insights from environmental law scholars on how EU environmental law helps to achieve the aim of a high level of environmental protection in the EU and across the world. Many legal developments took place and are still on-going, both at the European and national regulatory levels as in the courtroom, including the national courts. While efforts to protect the environment are direly needed, including effective implementation and enforcement, the regulatory acquis, and the flow of case law, has become utterly complex which poses challenges for acquiring a good understanding and application. This freely accessible online (and hybrid) lecture series provides students and scholars with core insights in the
state of affairs and further improvement of EU environmental law.

  • March 14th: Prof. Marjan Peeters: To fall in love with the EU Emissions Trading instrument? Opportunities and challenges of this core pillar of EU climate law.
  • April 25th: Prof. Stefan E. Weishaar: The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism. Encouragement of Cleaner Industries across the world? 

All lectures will be recorded and will be made accessible through YouTube.