Across Europe today, various diaspora groups memorialise past atrocities, seek justice, and mobilise for genocide recognition. These transitional justice efforts can be contested and denied by other diasporic political entrepreneurs. During this event, organised by SPUI25, Maria Koinova and Ayşenur Korkmaz will discuss multiple case studies of diasporic efforts for transitional justice. Koinova will explore how diasporas participate in truth commissions, and seek for memorialisation of the past atrocities they suffered. She will focus on the temporal aspects of the diasporic engagement with transitional justice, based on comparative reflections on the Bosnian, Palestinian, Ukrainian, and other diasporas.

Ayşenur Korkmaz will then set out how Armenian and Turkish diasporas in Europe contest each other’s histories over the Armenian Genocide. She will discuss how the arguments between “diasporic triangle,” involving the Turkish and Armenian communities, and local municipalities, take the forms of discursive, ritual, and legal contestation. Camilla Orjuela will offer an online commentary on the two papers, which will be followed by a panel discussion and Q&A.